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Experience the combination of water, rock
& wetsuit. Rafting & canyoning in Ötztal

Water can be many things. When rafting & canyoning in Ötztal it is especially a: Challenge. Handle your rubber dinghy skilfully over rapids, watersheds and roaring vortices along with your rafting team and concentrated muscle power. Rafting in Sölden is team spirit, lust for adventure and fun on the water – with a certain amount of adrenaline in the bloodstream. There’s, even more, action in a neoprene suit when canyoning in Ötztal when you go:  Down the gorge! Abseiling, sliding and jumping - from up to 16 metres high! Into the tingling waterfall and the sparkling spray of an ice cold natural pool. Book your holiday in Sölden right now and have a go at rafting & canyoning in Ötztal.


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